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Men without hats. [14 May 2011|09:08am]
I'm sure you know the song, but have you seen the video for "Safety Dance"? It's a-b-s-u-r-d.

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Long time no blog. [12 May 2011|10:38pm]
Last night I rode back from the Bay Area with two European guys who had attended Google I/O and they significantly fascinated and frightened me with their tech talk.

This last week has been amazing, packed with great people, alternate realities, story ideas, living ideas, overflowing vistas of possibility.  If it's a taste of this summer then this summer will be AMAZING.

I think my two most memorable events were a trip to Angel Island - easily hiked and with gorgeous views of the Bay - and going to a Filipino family's party to watch the Pacquiao/Mosley fight.

There are so many ways to view the world, so many ways to live.
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Counterpoint [29 Apr 2011|06:57pm]
I feel pretty much ready to move out.  This morning I had one ebay package left to ship, an art book.  But here was my dilemma.  The winning bidder lived about half a mile from my house.  Closer than the post office, in fact.  What are the odds of that happening?

I debated:  Should I take it downtown and mail it at the post office... or should I just walk it over and leave it on his porch?

I finally decided to walk it over.

Really early in the morning.  I didn't want to be seen.

It was about 7 AM when I got there.  I'd hoped it would be an easy porch.  Not recessed.  Just drop the package and run, don't look back.

Instead... (oh god) the guy had a driveway that extended about a hundred feet back from the street.  And the house was huge, with big windows and the curtains were open.  I got one look at it and said, "Okay, I'm gonna go downtown and mail it.  He probably has a butler who'll shoot me or a dog that'll eat me."

I started to leave.

But then I'm like - "It's just a hundred feet away!  I just need to walk up and drop the package!  Don't be such a pussy."

I turned around and my feet took me back toward the guy's porch.  The house was elevated and I had to go up stairs just to get to the porch.  I didn't look in the windows.  I set the package down on the ground.  Gently and quietly.

The front door opened.

Just kidding.

No, I left without any problem.  And by this afternoon the guy had left positive feedback.  I was hoping he would leave some kind of creepy feedback like, "I SAW YOU, MAHN" but no, it's normal.  He doesn't seem to have noticed there's no postage or bar code crap on the package.

C'est la vie.
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My brain is aflame [25 Apr 2011|04:28pm]
Ooh, craigslist seems to finally allow you to repost an ad with photo without re-uploading the picture.  Effin finally.

And how is it possible it's 2011 and people can find my ads on CL but don't know how to map an address to my house???  I swear some people live in teepees.

I have a headache, arguably the worst time to blog.  Pardon moi.

P.S. I also hate typing in those stupid CAPTCHA boxes.
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Torchy the Battery Boy [22 Apr 2011|10:41am]
Momus has been cranking out songs for his next album.  Here are my favorite videos so far:

Footage for the second one comes from "Torchy the Battery Boy."  The first episode's on archive.org or right below:

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When animals attack [21 Apr 2011|07:30am]
I was watching animal attack videos on youtube (I love the ones where a guy sticks his arm or head into a crocodile's mouth and *SURPRISE!* it bites down) and found this train wreck:

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Hair diary [20 Apr 2011|07:48pm]
I looked through my journal to see when I got my last haircut and ended up finding all my haircuts for the last year:

June 30, 2010
September 23, 2010
December 16, 2010
March 4, 2010

They're freakishly clockwork, just short of three months for each one.  I've just been getting a buzz each time and letting it go till it starts to get too wavy.

I feel like getting a haircut now for some reason, but that would completely ruin the pattern.
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Beck Interview, 1994 [20 Apr 2011|01:37pm]
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This is too cool not to repost. [17 Apr 2011|07:49pm]

Yes, let's bring a dinosaur to our school and scare the crap out of our students.
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Say "No" to Unhappiness [13 Apr 2011|07:33pm]
What've I been up to?  Told my roommates I'm moving out the end of April.  Ebayin and craigslisting things away.  Planning SF & Yosemite trips in May.  About 70% through Season 1 of Glee, addicted.  Reading Catherine Ponder's Christian New Thought book "The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity."  Bought a cheap camcorder, should arrive soon.  Merging my IRAs into one IRA.  Should have these two projects finished soon.  Enjoying my health, the weather, and the people I'm with.
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No. [07 Apr 2011|11:34am]
God help me, I've started watching Glee.
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Some Moore [03 Apr 2011|09:12pm]
Just found this good Alan Moore interview, the first time I've heard him comment on Grant Morrison.

Also found on Todd Klein's blog some images from the next issue of the LoEG (1969), including this:

I assume that's Virginia Woolf's Orlando on the left and H. Rider Haggard's Allan Quatermain on the right...?  We shall see.

I'm barely reading comics right now, but I'm looking forward to it.  And also Moore's second novel, Jerusalem, which is supposed to be very long.  His first novel, Voice of the Fire, remains a favorite of mine, and I hope to reread it at some point soon.
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New Dick [01 Apr 2011|10:21am]
As I read Philip K. Dick's Voices From the Street I notice his Exegesis will finally be published later this year.  I'm unclear if that's the first volume of a few, or if that's all of it.

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HIstory of Art [30 Mar 2011|09:58pm]
To me, Art is about moving things from the imagination - a private universe - to the shared universe we call Reality.  The best artists quickly and accurately manifest things that only they have seen or heard.

History seems to be narrowing the gap between imagination and materialization.  For example, look at the printed word.  First, it was written on something with a pen, or etched.  Every copy required slow and laborious transcription.  Then the printing press came along, and texts could be churned out in the hundreds or thousands.  Then the typewriter came along, which not only allowed authors to type, but anyone to "print" a newspaper.  Then printers came along, further facilitating the process.  Then the WWW came along and now you don't even need to spend money on paper and ink to send out your message quickly and easily.

A thought or image in the imagination can be disseminated in seconds.  Prose is a bit easier because it's a low bandwidth medium, but even more complex forms like film and music are becoming easier for anyone to use.

The reason I've gone on about this before and the reason it continues to fascinate me is this:  We've only seen the beginning.  Things are getting better, easier, and cheaper.

There is a dam between the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE and the dam is crumbling.

So what is Imagination?  How can we see things that aren't there?  Or is that all we see?

Anyway, just a few rambling thoughts I've had as I try to increase the speed and fidelity of my own creations, manifestations.
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That pilinguiiiii [27 Mar 2011|09:09pm]

I was hoping I had coined this cool phrase, but if you google it with quotes you get one legitski.  Apparently they have a list of cool phrases:

Frases del viaje:

- Hitler, Hitler era una malo maloteee
- Pero que esta pasandoooo?? que alguien me lo expliqueee??? ( con las manos en posicion oso)
- Quieres que te ayude???
- Quiero una apoteke ( farmacia en aleman)
- Se va el caiman , se va el caiman se va pa la barranquilla..(8)
- Señores.. no nos confiemos
- Pexa de durooo
- Otra vez con la ines, pero vaya mierda de musicaaaaaa
- Señores bajemos basculando ehh
- Grrr ay omaaa
- Marikillaaaaaa.. (8)
- Que pilinguiiiii
- El gordo del silencio
- El nuevo corte de manga especial para sitiod pijos de bea
- Guten morgen morgan freeman ( o como se escriba)
- Chochenhausen y pantuflen

Which becomes this when you stick it through the meat grinder...

Quotes of the trip:

- Hitler, Hitler was a bad maloteee
- But this pasandoooo? just give me expliqueee?? (hands in position Bear)
- Want to help??
- I want a Apoteke (pharmacy in German)
- It is the caiman, the alligator will be pa la barranquilla .. (8)
- Gentlemen .. we do not trust
- Pexa of durooo
- Again with the unexpected, but go fuck musicaaaaaa
- Gentlemen, let's go down swinging ehh
- Grrr omaa ay
- Marikillaaaaaa .. (8)
- That pilinguiiiii
- The big silence
- The new special sleeve cut preppies sitiod bea
- Guten morgen morgan freeman (or as you type)
- Chochenhausen and slippers

Everybody thinks like me now in this 21st century.
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Obligatory update [26 Mar 2011|05:33pm]
I don't know how a week goes by without blogging.  This is why I need to travel right now.  I'm so enmeshed in my routines that life just breezes by.

From May on this year'll be pure chaos, and I'll either crash and burn or soar and surprise even myself.

I want to start making youtube videos.  I want to do so much.
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Back to Mono [19 Mar 2011|07:31am]
I'm listening to Phil Spector's Back to Mono (amazon or torrent).  Such a great collection.

Also enjoying this new Gleick book, The Information.

I just discovered if you press Ctrl+Shift+T in Firefox you can reopen an accidentally closed tab. ¡yAY!
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A FLY shirt for your friends, family, and loved ones. [13 Mar 2011|01:05pm]
I set up a shirt on Zazzle with my fly drawing, starting at a mere $12.95.  Why not you go buy that, aye?

Male humans wear it!

Female humans wear it!

Non-humans wear it!

What about you?  Don't you feel left out?  Don't you feel the peer pressure?  Isn't your wardrobe looking a bit salty?  Couldn't you use a disgusting insect on your abdomen?

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If on a winter's night a traveler [09 Mar 2011|06:34pm]
I've pretty much decided to travel this summer (and longer?) around the U.S....

But I've also decided to sublet any place I enjoy along the way and hang out a bit.

Right now I'm deciding WHEN to leave.

I'm leaning towards May 1 or 15 or 30.

It's very hard to give up my place in SLO.  I'm comfortable and things are good.

But as they say, the good is the enemy of the great.
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Quintet [04 Mar 2011|01:27pm]
Randomly found this old Robert Altman movie with Paul Newman: Quintet.  It has a 4.9 on imdb.  It's probably horrible, but it has the best trailer ever.

Who knew that dice could be so scary?
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Antique-tronics [04 Mar 2011|08:26am]
This morning I took out my dying camera to see if it still works.  It sort of does.  The screen on the back is permanently white, which means I look through the viewfinder instead.  I can't adjust the pixels (or make any adjustments, for that matter).  But here is where I live, San Luis Obispo.

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Criterion Top 10 Lists [01 Mar 2011|11:54am]
These Criterion Top 10 Lists look great... I haven't seen any of the films on Wes Anderson's list, for instance.  I've only seen like five movies in the past year, and these lists might draw me back to film a little.
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Out of the Aeons [28 Feb 2011|07:43pm]
I'm in the process of trimming my possessions down like I've never done before.  The urgency's not here yet.  Right now people are moving out, changing rooms, going on trips.  I too will throw myself into uncertainty.  But not quite yet.  I gave the mirror in the corner of my room back to the girl it belonged to and now there's a white void where I used to see myself.

Some processes guarantee growth, but the path of that growth cannot be predicted.  It must take place.  Life is such a process.

A few weeks ago I took ayahuasca for the fourth time.  I boiled it down really small and it was a very short, but very intense trip.  As I came up I had so much compassion.  I wanted to go downtown in my pajamas barefoot and just scream it to people through my lungs.  I always think I'll keep that feeling forever, like I'll want to hug total strangers and forgive them everything.  But I come down and my pineal gland produces its more typical DMT output.

When I feel like that, when I have that access to Big Mind, I feel like I can do anything, and that nothing can hurt me.  And I wonder, since mutations occur naturally, isn't it possible that some people just have overactive production of DMT in their own brains?  I feel that's how Jesus and Buddha must have felt.  I think you can do it "on the natch", since I've done it in dreams and it works.

A few days after that trip I ate way, way too much pot.  More pot that I've ever eaten before.  More than the night I ate too much and had to sit down across from Dolores Park for several hours around 2 in the morning while I waited for the effects to wear off.  This time I couldn't even move.  Garick baked it into a large cookie and told me to eat a quarter or half, and I ate it all.  It was the most visual marijuana has ever been to me.  But it wasn't just mj.  It turned into a DMT flashback and I had the full-on effect on marijuana, which completely baffled me.  But unlike ayahuasca, which has always been benign, this was a chthonic bardo that I thought I might not leave.

Apparently I did.
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Crap I find on youtube that utterly confuses me. [24 Feb 2011|07:20pm]
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Image of the day [22 Feb 2011|10:34pm]
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Decision [21 Feb 2011|09:52am]
I've decided once I finish this book that I'm gonna shift (almost) exclusively into comics, and NOT through Amazon (aka Createspace).  Amazon.com's perennial dickery and kind of crappy pricing and print options don't make it worthwhile.  For example, if your book's under 130 pages they won't print the text on the spine (? - why don't I just start selling my books at the church bake sale).  And color printing is ridiculously overpriced.

Which leaves several options for POD comics.  Ka-blam and Comixpress have attractive pricing options, and there are probably others out there.  Of course, they don't have the exposure of Amazon, but I have tons of promotion ideas.

I've always wanted to do comics, and there are so many options available.  I'll still do at least one prose book a year, but that's background noise.

I also want to set up a solid website.
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A few [20 Feb 2011|12:08pm]
I've been reading some Ken Wilber again and found these videos in which he comments on ayahuasca.

I also found the greatest book cover of all time:

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Come home, Sly [16 Feb 2011|07:41pm]
I had so much planned for February, and have only gotten to a drop of it.  Peoplez should arrive from LA tonight and that'll eat more time out of this ever-short month.  But since I don't seem to believe in weekends or holidays, these interruptions are probably for the best.

I'm about 20,000 words into these short stories I started.  They are very short and I think I'll do about 25 and finish 1st draft in early March and have it all done by April.

* * *
(indicates change in subject)

One of our cats was missing for almost a week.  I tripped out to contact him and kept saying, "Sly, come home!"

He came back the next day!  He was fatter and his face was a little scratched.  I think some crazy woman with 18 cats had locked him in her home and he had to kill and eat her to get out.  If that's what you have to do...

I'm just glad he's back.
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Sometimes on a day [07 Feb 2011|08:54pm]
How this house goes on with seven people and four cats and no drama is beyond me.  We all met tonight and figured out the house situation, and they really are great people.  Christy's leaving at the end of the month unfortunately...  Scott will probably leave in summer...  I'll probably leave sometime between May and October.  Nothing is perfect.  There is no perfect house, or job, or relationship, or life.  Asymmetry is on every level.  But this has probably been the best I've ever known.  Or maybe I just made it that way.
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Neo-Beardsley [01 Feb 2011|09:28pm]
Just found out one of my roommates has to move because his probation officer came by and smelled the pot from Christy's room.  Unfortunate cuz he's a great guy, but a reminder of the impermanence of this place.

One project I'm working on is a connected series of short stories.  They are inspired by Faulkner's underrated Knight's Gambit and the Encyclopedia Brown stories of Donald J. Sobol.  I was at the library today and looked at an early Brown volume (the early ones in their original form are all that matter).  Some of the "solutions" to those stories are fucking ridiculous!

I may be going to Yosemite again in late May, this time with family.  My parents reserved a campsite and my brother and sister-in-law may come down from Seattle.  But do I want to be trapped in a campsite with family for five days?  Answer: no.  And yet I'll somehow still probably go.

Today's artists are four heirs to the Aubrey Beardsley empire. Damn your LJ cut and make them as big as possible!!!! :

1.  Sidney Sime

2.  Franz von Bayros

3.  Harry Clarke

4.  Kashima Echo

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