Mr. the Cutup (cutup) wrote,
Mr. the Cutup


Just found out one of my roommates has to move because his probation officer came by and smelled the pot from Christy's room.  Unfortunate cuz he's a great guy, but a reminder of the impermanence of this place.

One project I'm working on is a connected series of short stories.  They are inspired by Faulkner's underrated Knight's Gambit and the Encyclopedia Brown stories of Donald J. Sobol.  I was at the library today and looked at an early Brown volume (the early ones in their original form are all that matter).  Some of the "solutions" to those stories are fucking ridiculous!

I may be going to Yosemite again in late May, this time with family.  My parents reserved a campsite and my brother and sister-in-law may come down from Seattle.  But do I want to be trapped in a campsite with family for five days?  Answer: no.  And yet I'll somehow still probably go.

Today's artists are four heirs to the Aubrey Beardsley empire. Damn your LJ cut and make them as big as possible!!!! :

1.  Sidney Sime

2.  Franz von Bayros

3.  Harry Clarke

4.  Kashima Echo

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