Mr. the Cutup (cutup) wrote,
Mr. the Cutup


I've decided once I finish this book that I'm gonna shift (almost) exclusively into comics, and NOT through Amazon (aka Createspace).'s perennial dickery and kind of crappy pricing and print options don't make it worthwhile.  For example, if your book's under 130 pages they won't print the text on the spine (? - why don't I just start selling my books at the church bake sale).  And color printing is ridiculously overpriced.

Which leaves several options for POD comics.  Ka-blam and Comixpress have attractive pricing options, and there are probably others out there.  Of course, they don't have the exposure of Amazon, but I have tons of promotion ideas.

I've always wanted to do comics, and there are so many options available.  I'll still do at least one prose book a year, but that's background noise.

I also want to set up a solid website.
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