Mr. the Cutup (cutup) wrote,
Mr. the Cutup

That pilinguiiiii

I was hoping I had coined this cool phrase, but if you google it with quotes you get one legitski.  Apparently they have a list of cool phrases:

Frases del viaje:

- Hitler, Hitler era una malo maloteee
- Pero que esta pasandoooo?? que alguien me lo expliqueee??? ( con las manos en posicion oso)
- Quieres que te ayude???
- Quiero una apoteke ( farmacia en aleman)
- Se va el caiman , se va el caiman se va pa la barranquilla..(8)
- Señores.. no nos confiemos
- Pexa de durooo
- Otra vez con la ines, pero vaya mierda de musicaaaaaa
- Señores bajemos basculando ehh
- Grrr ay omaaa
- Marikillaaaaaa.. (8)
- Que pilinguiiiii
- El gordo del silencio
- El nuevo corte de manga especial para sitiod pijos de bea
- Guten morgen morgan freeman ( o como se escriba)
- Chochenhausen y pantuflen

Which becomes this when you stick it through the meat grinder...

Quotes of the trip:

- Hitler, Hitler was a bad maloteee
- But this pasandoooo? just give me expliqueee?? (hands in position Bear)
- Want to help??
- I want a Apoteke (pharmacy in German)
- It is the caiman, the alligator will be pa la barranquilla .. (8)
- Gentlemen .. we do not trust
- Pexa of durooo
- Again with the unexpected, but go fuck musicaaaaaa
- Gentlemen, let's go down swinging ehh
- Grrr omaa ay
- Marikillaaaaaa .. (8)
- That pilinguiiiii
- The big silence
- The new special sleeve cut preppies sitiod bea
- Guten morgen morgan freeman (or as you type)
- Chochenhausen and slippers

Everybody thinks like me now in this 21st century.
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