Mr. the Cutup (cutup) wrote,
Mr. the Cutup

HIstory of Art

To me, Art is about moving things from the imagination - a private universe - to the shared universe we call Reality.  The best artists quickly and accurately manifest things that only they have seen or heard.

History seems to be narrowing the gap between imagination and materialization.  For example, look at the printed word.  First, it was written on something with a pen, or etched.  Every copy required slow and laborious transcription.  Then the printing press came along, and texts could be churned out in the hundreds or thousands.  Then the typewriter came along, which not only allowed authors to type, but anyone to "print" a newspaper.  Then printers came along, further facilitating the process.  Then the WWW came along and now you don't even need to spend money on paper and ink to send out your message quickly and easily.

A thought or image in the imagination can be disseminated in seconds.  Prose is a bit easier because it's a low bandwidth medium, but even more complex forms like film and music are becoming easier for anyone to use.

The reason I've gone on about this before and the reason it continues to fascinate me is this:  We've only seen the beginning.  Things are getting better, easier, and cheaper.

There is a dam between the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE and the dam is crumbling.

So what is Imagination?  How can we see things that aren't there?  Or is that all we see?

Anyway, just a few rambling thoughts I've had as I try to increase the speed and fidelity of my own creations, manifestations.
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