Mr. the Cutup (cutup) wrote,
Mr. the Cutup


I feel pretty much ready to move out.  This morning I had one ebay package left to ship, an art book.  But here was my dilemma.  The winning bidder lived about half a mile from my house.  Closer than the post office, in fact.  What are the odds of that happening?

I debated:  Should I take it downtown and mail it at the post office... or should I just walk it over and leave it on his porch?

I finally decided to walk it over.

Really early in the morning.  I didn't want to be seen.

It was about 7 AM when I got there.  I'd hoped it would be an easy porch.  Not recessed.  Just drop the package and run, don't look back.

Instead... (oh god) the guy had a driveway that extended about a hundred feet back from the street.  And the house was huge, with big windows and the curtains were open.  I got one look at it and said, "Okay, I'm gonna go downtown and mail it.  He probably has a butler who'll shoot me or a dog that'll eat me."

I started to leave.

But then I'm like - "It's just a hundred feet away!  I just need to walk up and drop the package!  Don't be such a pussy."

I turned around and my feet took me back toward the guy's porch.  The house was elevated and I had to go up stairs just to get to the porch.  I didn't look in the windows.  I set the package down on the ground.  Gently and quietly.

The front door opened.

Just kidding.

No, I left without any problem.  And by this afternoon the guy had left positive feedback.  I was hoping he would leave some kind of creepy feedback like, "I SAW YOU, MAHN" but no, it's normal.  He doesn't seem to have noticed there's no postage or bar code crap on the package.

C'est la vie.
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